• Image of Adna - Nights of Closure CD Pack (Limited Art Book/CD/3x Poster)

Adna - Nights of Closure CD Pack (Limited Art Book, CD, 3xLimited Poster)

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You get:
* Adna - Nights of Closure Art Book (limited to 200x)
“Nights of Closure” is a lyric book with all nine lyrics from “Closure”, personal notes from the making of the record and photos/video stills taken by Marcus Nyberg.

* Adna - Closure CD in Digisleeve
* Adna - Closure 3xPoster (limited to 200x)

1. Closure
2. Overthinking
3. Leave
4. Now
5. Thoughts
6. If
7. Soaked Eyes
8. Hide Me In Smoke
9. Someone's Someone