• Image of Sir Reg - Stereotypical Feckin' Irish Package (CD/LP/Beer Coaster/Hat)

SIR REG - Stereotypical Feckin' Irish Package
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You get:
* SIR REG - The Underdogs Digipack CD
* SIR REG - The Underdogs 12" vinyl
* Limited Limited Beer Coaster
* an exclusive Flat cap hat

You need to pick your hat size below (!)

01. The Underdogs
02. Conor McGregor
03. Giving It Up (The Drink)
04. FOOL (Fight Of Our Lives)
05. Cairbre
06. Take Me To Your Dealer
07. The Day That You Died
08. The Stopover
09. Stereotypical Drunken Feckin’ Irish Song
10. Don’t Let Go
11. Sinner Of The Century