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“Never part of any trend, it’s horror and metal till the end”

The closing line to the title track of the new album pretty much sums up the essence of F.K.Ü. Heavily inspired by 80’s horror movies and crossover thrash metal (mostly S.O.D. to be honest) the seed for what was to become F.K.Ü. was planted as early as 1987, but it would take another 10 years before the guys got their act together and actually created some music for the world to hear. Back then in the late 90’s, playing this type of music was probably the most uncool thing you could do, but they’ve always stuck to their knives and done their own thing and never followed trends in the current music scene. Now, after 5 albums and countless live shows, F.K.Ü. returns with their most defining and hard-hitting album to date: The Horror And The Metal.

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The Horror And The Metal Bundle - package includes
- The Horror And The Metal 1st pressing splatter vinyl album in Gatefold sleeve with OBI-strip.
- The Horror And The Metal CD album in Digisleeve with OBI-strip
- 'Famous Moshers' Mag with lyrics
- 'Famous Moshers' -T-shirt
- The Horror And The Metal slipmat
- F.K.Û - metal pin

01. The Horror and the Metal
02. (He Is) The Antichrist
03. The Spawning
04. Don't Have to Go to Texas
05. Harvester of Horror
06. Deep Cuts
07. They Are 237
08. Bringing Back the Dead
09. Some Kind of Mosher
10. You Are Who You Eat

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