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Out now: Cruachan - Talamh (Limited T-shirt)

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Talamh is the second song contender to represent Ireland in Eurovision.

Quote from the band:

"We thought it would be an adventure if it happened but alas, it was not meant to be. It doesn't matter as we have two unique Cruachan songs to share with our fans while we write album number ten, last years 'The Blacksmith' and now 'Talamh'. Talamh was written as though Ireland herself had a voice and was speaking of her tumultuous history. It is a lively song, on one hand mournful and on the other, hopeful. It will forever represent a 'what if?' to us and here we now share it with our fans."

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*Cruachan - Talamh (T-shirt) only limited to 100x

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